© Photo: Pere Puigbert

Girona, 1969
Multidisciplinary artist

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"I am interested in providing experiences that connect with the public in an enthusiastic way rather than through reasoning."

I create projects that are alive and dynamic, and even sculptures that you can walk around or inside, with the aim that the viewer feels challenged and immersed in each offering.

The use of transparencies and noble materials where light conveys an essential message helps me to develop my most poetic side, linking art, nature, science, and technology. I understand art as a way of free expression and, at the same time, is committed to society.

I started in the world of art in the 80s, thanks to the painter Josep Lloveras, who transmitted me the passion for painting.

Little by little, my interest gradually moved towards a type of three-dimensional works that I call “pictorial breakdowns,” in which light intervened as a transforming element, generating new appearances. Physical reality acquires a new dimension, and I explore the different levels of reality that coexist simultaneously between the human being and the universe.

Art is part of a process of personal –and also spiritual– recognition that leads me to be interested in the relationships of everything that surrounds us, the cultures of the world, the mysteries of life, and the advances in science, health and technology.

The theme of my creations focuses on the psychology and mind of the human being, universal archetypes, the secrets and mystery of nature and cosmos, in its multiple realities and ways of manifesting. The hidden symbols in these works also speak of the path of evolutionary growth of human being.

In 2004 my work focused on the investigation and aesthetic incorporation of water, transparency, and reflections, light and sound. This type of work led me to collaborate, for example, with the renowned film director Bigas Luna and with Masaru Emoto, author of the world best seller “Messages from Water”.


1982 -1987
Training at LLOVERAS ART STUDIO in Cassà de la Selva. Girona. Spain

“AMIGÓ – CUYÀS” FOUNDATION Scholarship to travel throughout Spain.

Erasmus Grant to WINCHESTER SCHOOL OF ART England.
GRADUATE IN FINE ARTS from the Sant Jordi Faculty of the University of Barcelona.
Founding member of the Cultural Association of Visual Artists TRÀNSIT-ART of Barcelona.

Founding member of ESPAI BLANC. Multicultural center. Barcelona.
Director of CASSÀ DE LA SELVA SCHOOL OF ART until 2016.
Training and research in ART THERAPY.

Awarded the Spring Scholarship, with a sculpture project for the villages of l'Escala & Sant Martí d'Empúries

Part of the group of artists of the CERCLE DE CONVERSA (Conversation Circle).

INCIERTA VIA artistic co-creation project.