Dextro & Levo II

Water sculpture

200 x 53 x 53 cm
Cylinder height: 86 cm. Diameter: 16 cm
Distilled water, stainless steel, methacrylate, tank, electric pumps, wood, paint, varnish, LED lights with RGB control, electrical panel…


Dextro & Levo symbolizes the union of polarities. Two vortices rotate in opposite directions and unite in a rhythmic pulsation trying to search an apparently fragile balance but with a great charge of energy and vitality. The union of polarities generates and creates the energy of life. When the positive and negative poles come into contact, they originate light and electricity.

The union of complementaries, the concept of Yin-Yang in all its dimensions and expressions—day and night, man and woman, beginning and end, etc.—allows that from difference and sometimes tension, the balance can be found to create something new. This is how we move from duality, from antagonism towards a new reality.

It is a sculpture in gratitude to this element so important to our lives, which must be preserved. If we feel that WE ARE WATER, we will be able to value it and recognize everything it gives to us every day and since forever.



This sculpture connects us with the many forms of water and shows us them by means of the interaction of light, transparencies, color...

Watching and feeling Dextro & Levo, each observer can feel multiple resonances, depending on their own experiences. A dancer will be able to symbolically see how its body moves and dances; a physicist will be able to discover fluid dynamics; a biologist, the cyclical evolution of life and the cosmos; or an economist, the cash flow in crisis or economic booms...